Home HIIT/High Intensity Interval Training Workout

HITT Workout….High Intensity Interval Training

Here is a 30-minute home workout.  It is an advanced workout.  Come into the studio and schedule a 30-minute private to go over if you are unsure of how to do this!   Ready, set, go!   Give it your A game!

Warm up: 30 seconds each

  1. 3 torso twist with opposite knee to elbow
  2. Squat with overhead reach
  3. Side lunge; reach fingers to toes
  4. Walk out planks with leg lift
  5. Woodchop squat with straight arms
  6. Butt kickers
  7. In and out jumping jacks
  8. 3 high knees and double bounce

HITT:    30 seconds on/10 seconds off

  1. Jumping jack with opposite toe tap
  2. Criss cross thigh slaps …cross ankles, jump and cross the other way, jump up and slap hands & thighs
  3. Surfer burpee…jump back into a plank,
  4. Plank hops side to side with inside leg lift
  5. Squat pop power clap…. Squat & pop up, driving one knee up and clapping hands under leg
  6. 3 heel taps and land in a squat ..touch fingers on floor
  7. 1 legged burpees
  8. See-saw … hands on floor, kick heels in the air, jump up and click heels together … repeat
  9. 3 shuffles and floor tap
  10. Jumping lunge into a squat into scissor ankles


  1. Side plank – feet on pie plate/lift hips/from waist jack legs in and out x20 each side
  2. Ad sprint – V sit position…. Scissor opposite arm/ leg (no rotation) x10 each side
  3. Reverse plank, dive forward bringing opposite knee to elbow, back to plank then other side x15 each leg
  4. Leg drop/tuck knees to chest/extend out/lift legs back to start x10
  5. Same in frog x10
  6. Plank …pike hips and bring knee and nose together x15
  7. Plank …. knee to chest, circle wide, reverse circle, lift leg, set down…. other side x15 each leg
  8. Plank with hands on box:  tap one foot at a time as far forward and wide as possible
  9. Reformer jumps reclined on elbows
  10. Reverse pikes …hands on rails as far forward as possible/feet on reformer ….lift hips to ceiling and  pull carriage in
  11. Any coordinated arms/legs … add toning ball b/w knees or ankles


  1. Burpee squat hold
  2. Up and overs
  3. Curtsy/jump centre/curtsy
  4. Star jump to reverse lunge (1 lunge per jump)
  5. Turkish Get up’s
  6. Squat pops –touch floor
  7. Broad jump with 2 jumping jack/180 jump
  8. 1 legged hops x3 and land in a squat
  9. 1 legged hops:  forward/back or side to side or jump a square box
  10. Other leg
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