Jeanette Williamson

Calm. Precise. Supportive.

Jeanette will help you connect to your body and mind.  She’ll develop your awareness of how your body feels even during the smallest movement as you work hard to strengthen and stabilize your core.

Taking Pilates has improved her own core muscle strength and spinal alignment and alleviated her low back issues.  After years of suffering from a disc injury, Jeanette discovered Pilates and hasn’t looked back!  Pilates has been one of the best things in life for freeing up her busy mind.

Focusing on form, alignment, and movement clears the mind.  Being aware of how your body feels in motion is empowering.  Your progression in strength, flexibility, and spine health creates confidence in the body and clarity of the mind.

Jeanette encourages you to be find to your mind and body as your learn to move with intention and ease.

Jeanette is a certified Fascial Stretch Therapist and incorporates the FST technique to find new movement patterns and achieve better results with her clients.


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