Pam Cates

Jubilant, Perceptive, Nurturing

Pam, a mother of 3, is a Certified Pilates Process Instructor and has been practicing Pilates for 3 years.  She previously worked in the Dental Field for 10 years.  As a result, a respect and passion for the human body grew.  8 years ago she suffered from sciatica and chronic low back pain from working a desk job and child birth.  She understands the limitations that come from working a full time job and the discomfort one can experience sitting at a desk for hours.  As a mom, she also understands how active life can be with children and what toll this can take on the mind and body.  Pilates became the foundation to improving her overall health and lifestyle.  Since then, she has been able to improve her physical limitations, reach her fitness goals and share this with others.  Teaching is her passion!  Understanding how busy life is in the city, she really enjoys meeting clients who are serious about their fitness goals and will help them reach them. Pam will accommodate to her clients, guiding their movement according to their learning style, encouragement and a positive attitude.

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