Lifestyle: Dreaming of Bliss. Read This If You Are Sleep Deprived! Part 1

Micheal Brews book ‘The power of When’ addressed 3 questions about sleep.

Why can’t you sleep
What you need to change
When do you need to fall asleep

He uses a technology approach for cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT-I). There are free websites and app’s. Most charge a fee of around $50. It’s a small investment for learning what you are doing wrong and preventing you from sleeping. Shuti is an online program of 40 minutes weekly for 6 weeks. The goal is to improve your sleep quality. It is good for people who are structured. It is read over 5 weeks and looks at stressors and anxiety triggers. Sleepio is an expensive app. $300. There is a professor that coaches you personal and good for social people who need motivation. Very interactive with others on the site.

It seems the key to addressing and changing your sleep habits is knowing your triggers for not sleeping and buckling down to make meaningful change to support new habits.

Canadian Sleep Society
Sleep Foundation

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