Top 6 bonus health benefits you’ll experience with Reformer Pilates

Come to one of our hybrid fitness/Pilates group classes and you’ll also be picking up the one habit that’s sure to amp up your fat loss, improve your health and change your life.

Top 6 bonus health benefits you’ll experience:

A Flatter Belly: You know that weight training helps to burn fat and build muscle, thereby boosting metabolism. Reformers work off spring tension which is even better resistance training than traditional dumb bells. You must control movement in both directions and work coordination at the same time. Whereas with dumb bells, the majority of people concentrate moving in only one direction. Now there is evidence that it can help stop the spread of belly fat. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition had overweight women (aged 25 to 44) engage in twice weekly strength training sessions. The strength training group lost more body fat in total compared to the control group that did only cardio, but they also had far less abdominal fat increases than the control group. Since abdominal fat is one of the most dangerous kinds of fat it’s even more important to blast it away.


Strength without bulk: The best way to build long, lean and strong muscles while torching body fat is to target fast twitch muscles with resistance training. Contract muscles rapidly as you strength train. Rapid muscle contractions burn more calories during exercises like squats. It’s a more effective way to build strength and power and it won’t make you look like The Incredible Hulk. Add slow controlled movement to gain agility, coordination and precision in your movements. Even better: have grilled salmon – the vitamin D found in fish increases the size and number of fast twitch muscle fibres which help burn fat.


A more balanced body: Weight training sessions can help reverse the problems that come about from daily living. Most of us tend to be very front oriented in our daily activities: we work on our computers, drive, sit, watch television, read, cook , eat and do house work all facing and bending forward; which makes for a muscle imbalance and can lead to injuries. Over time, your front muscles become tighter and less flexible, while your back muscles become longer and weaker. A good total reformer resistance training program can help balance you out – and help you avoid injury. Even better: Try rowing exercises. They’ll work both your front and back muscles and get your heart pumping too!


Healthier joints: There’s a common myth that people who exercise a lot such as marathon runners or fitness competitors are more likely to get arthritis because they overwork their joints. But the opposite is true. According to the Arthritis Foundation, sedentary lifestyles are a leading cause of osteoarthritis. Resistance training on a reformer is a great preventative strategy. Your muscles need to be strong to support the joint. Weight training works your muscles and keeps them stimulated so they don’t atrophy. Reformers stretch out joints, muscles and connective tissue at the same time as working muscles and joint range of motion. Even better: Do a set of lunges to strengthen your quadriceps and hamstrings. People who do lunges have lower incidences of knee osteoarthritis. And if you want to check out the best recruiting blogs, you can do that too.


Improved balance: Ever caught yourself about to take a tumble? As you age, you not only lose your ability to balance, you also lose fast twitch muscle cells, which generate the power that helps you balance. Good news! You can build those cells back up! Rapid weight training helps build fast twitch muscles. A 2015 study showed that balance can be recovered through strength training, even more so through weight loss, which can occur with weight training sessions. One of the foundation principles of Pilates is balance. Pilates incorporates balance into group classes and privates/semi-privates.


Increased athletic performance: Want to excel at soccer, basketball, football or even walking? Resistance training can build the powerful muscles you need. You still need to practice the sport you’re doing. You can also do resistance exercises that mimic your sport that will help develop those fast twitch muscles. By adding reformer training to your routine, you can be a better and stronger athlete, or active person.

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